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Switching Power Supply Design

1- Introduction to linear and switching DC-DC converters 2- DC-DC converters Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost, Cuk, SEPIC, Zeta 3- Isolated Buck type converters Forward, Dual switch forward, Push-Pull, Half bridge, Full bridge, Other Buck type converters, Multi level converters 4- Isolated Boost and Buck-Boost type converters Isolated Buck-Boost converters: Flyback, Dual switch Flyback, Interleaved Flyback, Other Flyback type converters Isolated Current fed or Boost converters: Isolated Cuk and SEPIC, Push-Pull, Half bridge, Full bridge 5- Snubber and clamp circuits Lossy snubber circuits Energy recovery snubbers Lossless snubbers 6- Gate driver circuits Synchronous rectification, boot strap, totem pole 7- Modeling of power supplies State space averaged model Modeling of PWM switch Transmission line modeling Switching flow graph 8- Control methods for DC-DC converters Voltage mode control, Current mode control, Feed forward control 9- Designing feedback for DC-DC converters PI, PD, PID, Compensators




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