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High Frequency Converters

1- Introduction to soft switching 2- Resonant Converters Series, Parallel, Series-Parallel in CCM and DCM modes PWM control techniques in resonant converters 3- QRC and QSC converters ZCS-QRC ZVS-QRC ZCS and ZVS QSC 4- ZVS Phase-shift PWM converters ZVS-FB-PWM Regular type, with saturating inductor, with magnetizing inductance,… ZVS-ML-Converters Interleaved Converters 5- ZVZCS Phase-shift PWM Converters ZCZVS-FB-PWM: With simple snubber, with auxiliary transformer, with active snubber,… 6- ZVT, ZCT and ZCZVT Converters Basic converters Isolated converters 7- Active Clamp technique in DC-DC converters Application of this technique for current fed and voltage fed converters 8- Special DC-DC converters Single soft switched PWM converters Switched capacitor converter Switched resonant capacitor converter Switched resonator converter 9- Extension of soft switching techniques to inverters




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